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I just got an email from one of my favorite people at Art Jewelry Magazine. Addie Kid is one of the editors and the one that I worked with on both of my projects. She was truly a delight to work with and I look forward to working with her again…. just as soon as I figure out what other projects to do .

Anyway, she wrote to inform me that I am the first artist to be featured twice with their wallpaper photos. The first one was with my Fine Silver Chain. This time they have featured the Winter Lily. It is a really cool shot, although I have to say it is kind of hard to see it blown up so large. You can see so many things in the photo that you don’t see when you are holding the piece in your hands. HAHAHA Ah, the magic of enlarging items.

Check out the wallpapers. They have some great artists featured here and it is so hard to pick just one picture. I switched my background to this lily and my daughter asked when I would switch it back to a picture of her, so I suspect that it might be short lived, or perhaps I will pull out my Photoshop and incorporate her in to the picture.

You can find the wallpaper images on the Art Jewelry Website at:

Do you have a particular project of mine or a technique that you would like to see me write a tutorial for? If so, I would love to hear your suggestions.


3 thoughts on “Art Jewelry Magazine Wallpapers

  1. Melissa

    Thank you Linda. I was so excited and totally honored. It came at a great time too. I have been really struggling with what to do and which direction to take with some things so this was a very nice thing to come home to.



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