Another Cold connection piece

I was having fun again tonight. It was nice to turn the kids over to my husband for a little bit. He even made dinner. Such a good man. Anyway, I was playing around with cold connections and just having fun with my new tools. Tonight I got to use my dapping set and punches, Flex-shaft and disc cutter. I LOVE TOOLS – they are SO FUN!

This piece didn’t end up at all how I wanted it to. I was going to attach the domed center with jump rings, but I didn’t leave myself enough room and didn’t drill my holes large enough. D’oh! So I just went with what ever I had and this is where we ended up. It is a bit more industrial looking than I thought it would. The patina didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to either. I was hoping to get that rainbow patina from the torch. Guess I will have to work on it a bit more. I was also attempting to get that torched look to the bail at that top, but when I did the bead at the top kept fizzing and popping at me. I didn’t think that was a very good sign and didn’t want hot pieces of ceramic to explode all over me, so I quit. I figure it will oxidize on its own anyway.


This next pendant is one that I did back in January or February. I never really knew how to finish it off. Then tonight I was going through some of my things and saw this ribbon. I doubled it up, finished it off and now it is done. I like this one.


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