Angels added on March 4th, 2007

I have been trying to get ready for adding a section of Angels to my Website. I wanted to try various looks so that my angels don’t all look the same and people can choose from several styles. I have had some interest in them. I hope I can sell them.

This Angel is a bit different. It is a beautiful Faceted Agate briolette. This particular pendant is reversable. Both sides of the stone were so pretty and full of detail I didn’t know which one to use. It is wrapped in 14K gold filled wire.


This Angel is called Silver Lace. Her skirt is made with Sterling Silver beads woven in with Fine Silver wire.


This Red Angel is actually quite pretty in person. It features a Swarovski Glass pearl for her head and Swarovski faceted crystal for the dress. The dress is made with Fine Silver.


The Carnelian Angel has a deep red heart shaped glass bead for her head.  The dress is drapped with Carnelian and sterling silver beads.


2 thoughts on “Angels added on March 4th, 2007

  1. Kay

    I’m very impressed with your metal work. The second picture – bezel setting – was amazing. You are very gutsy to begin trying bezel setting with square corners, but it’s beautiful..


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