And the winner is…..

First, I must say how truly amazed I am at the response to this little give away of mine. I honestly never thought that my blog was actually read by so many people and the comments have really made me aware that you really like what I am doing. So often there isn’t any feedback and I never know what people truly think about my posts. When that happens my little insecurity monster comes out to play and does a real head trip on me. That is part of why you haven’t really seen any new work from me lately. I am hoping to change that soon.

Thank you all so much for your comments. I really appreciate the time you took to write. If you want to see some really great eye candy, go back through the comments and check out some of the work being done by the readers. If their name is underlined then it is a link to their blog or website. I was truly inspired by them, and yes, I visited them all.

Okay, Okay, let’s get to the real point here. This is how the drawing was done. I copied and pasted all the comments into MS Word, which conveniently enough came across as a bulleted list. I converted the bullets to numbers and voila, I now have my entry numbers. There was one commenter requesting to no be a part of the drawing so that comment was removed. There were 4 others that were either double comments or a threaded conversation, so they were not counted either. This gave me a grand total of 77 entries. This method gave me 11 pages of comments. WOW! Here are two of the pages to show you what it looked like:

Because the response was so overwhelming, I decided to do three drawings. The prizes will be awarded in the order that they were drawn. So the first person gets to choose from all 5 items. The second will choose from the remaining 4 and so on.

I used a random number generator from I put in the range between 1 and 77 and then hit the “Generate” button. I did this three times for the following results.

Drawing 1:

The winner is:


and this is what she wrote:
Melissa–thanks so much for all of the great tutorials and the inspiration!

Congrats Ellie, I think I can already guess which prize you are going to pick.

Drawing 2:

The winner is:


and this is what she wrote:
I love your swirls, aka as Melissa swirls.
You are one of the people that finally convinced me to work with wire. I
haven’t done much lately but ready your tool time posts are inspiring

Congratulations Lori.  Thanks so much for your comments and support.

Drawing 3:

The winner is:


I remember when you joined the Year of Jewelry, and you have certainly
flourished in your work! If I had to choose between the hammer & stones,
well, I’d have to go with the hammer. Maybe then I’d finally get around to
learning how to rivet!
Thanks for all you do Melissa!!!

Congratulations Angie. You might have to fight Ellie and Lori for the Hammer, but either way, I hope you like what you get to choose from.

Thank you all again! I am truly humbled by the response. And even more than that, I found out that some of the people whose work I admire most and strive to be like, are learning from me and admire my work too.

Well, Summer Vacation has begun! Remember I said that we had built a patio out in our garden area? It isn’t quite finished. I still have to finish the flowerbeds and get some plants in there, but it is pretty much there. Well this is where I will be spending quite a few summer nights…. assuming that the rain will let up every now and then. Come on over, we will sit by the fire and roast marshmallows…. and then of course we will play in the studio once the kids have gone to bed.

Happy Summer Vacation everyone!

7 thoughts on “And the winner is…..

  1. Sherry

    Hey GF,

    Your patio is looking awesome! Hope to see it in person soon. I’m making a list of classes – mind if I stay a week, LOL??


  2. Valerie Heck

    I love the patio! Call me if you have free time, though I know this was the last day of school. My interview is tomorrow, wahoo! And I must have ADD. Lately when I write anything is sounds like I do.

  3. Angie

    HOORAY!!! Truth be told, I’d be happy with either, and I appreciate that you’re taking the time and effort to reward your blog subscribers. It truly is a thoughtful gesture!
    Your patio looks fabulous, and you are blessed to have such wonderful inlaws!

  4. Lori

    I received my prize today.
    My pendant is amazing.
    I have been wearing since it came.
    Thank You Melissa!
    You are not only a great person but such an inspiration!!!!

  5. Melissa Muir

    Thank you Lori. I am so glad you like it. I really liked that stone….which is why I bought it in the first place. Thank you for all your support. I have “known” you since pretty much the beginning of my journey and you have always been full of encouragement. I was really glad when one of the prizes turned out to be for you. 🙂


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