Always up in the air

The title says it all. I feel like right now my life is always up in the air. The last week and a half has been such a roller coaster. You may recall on my last post (over a week and a half ago,) that I said I had some great news. In fact, twice I started to blog about it and then just couldn’t bring myself to post it. 

We found the perfect house. And to top that off, the seller accepted our super low ball offer. We were thrilled. It was only 5 miles from my husbands job, the schools are pretty nice and close, the house had all the features we were looking for, including a separate studio area. The yard and neighborhood were beautiful and we couldn’t wait to get the ball rolling and settle into this next chapter of our lives. So what happened? 
Well, we had our home inspection. LOL, we knew there were some issues, hence the super low ball offer. We never dreamed he would accept what we offered, but we were hoping that he would counter low enough that we could still afford the house (STUDIO) and still make the necessary repairs and such. Well, this house was hiding something. Here in the Great NorthWest, there is a LOT of rain. This home has a stucco exterior. We LOVE the look. However, if it isn’t installed properly, that beautiful exterior hides and seals in moisture. We found two areas that had a LOT of moisture. Yes, it can be fixed, not cheaply, but still within the budget. However, eventually it will need to all come down and be redone with something more conducive to the climate. And as luck would have it, someone else also put in a bid on the house, so we lost all leverage with the owner. So sadly, last Friday I called my realtor and withdrew our offer. So sad. We don’t believe the owner was aware of the extent of damage this is happening as this seems to be the “2nd home.” He is aware now though. LOL. 
This move is proving to be rather more difficult for me than some of the others have. So I have just kind of crawled into my little hole for the past few days and done nothing that was on my plate. I did record a couple of new videos, but I personally think they are rubbish and I will redo them. I just feel like I am floundering. I spent all day last Thursday in the studio and have nothing to show for it except a couple of lousy videos that I don’t feel good about publishing. My muse is hibernating or ignoring me. It is so hard for me to work in the room that I currently have set up for the studio. I don’t know why that is. I think it is a combination of the lighting and bad workflow in there. I really want to hold classes but I can’t even seem to make the layout work for me and am not sure how to make it work with multiple people in there. 
In an effort to get my muse back a bit, I have begun serious work on my book. I now have four projects completed and the first rough outline is completed. I have identified at least 13 projects that I would like to do. However, those projects may change or be removed. As I have been doing more research I have seen other things that make me want to take some of the projects in different directions. We will just have to see how things go. But it is fun to at least have some creative things coming back into my mindset. Like I said before, I feel like I am just floundering, even to the point where I sometimes toy with the idea of selling everything off and just doing something else. But then I think about not doing some of this stuff and that doesn’t sit well either. 
I know this post is rather rambly, but hopefully now that I have gotten it all off my chest I can finally get to work and make some things happen. I miss being creative and having direction. I know a lot of that comes from the temporary living situation we are in. I was really looking forward to having that house and setting down some rooms and get moving with life. So the search for the perfect place continues. Let’s all just hope that whoever currently owns it is ready to go SOON. HA! 
Okay, I think I am ready to get to work. Hope to see you again this week with some videos or at least a Featured Artist Friday. I now have 3 artists, so I just need to get them posted. See you all in a bit. 

21 thoughts on “Always up in the air

  1. elise thomas

    Sorry to hear about the house, Melissa 🙁
    Hopefully it just means that the next one you find will be an even better fit. You deserve a couple of days off, I never have any idea how you do all you do! cheers 🙂

  2. Penny Hummel

    I’ll spare you all the cliches that you don’t want or need to hear right now. At the age of 58, I have learned that when these kinds of disappointments happen, it is usually because something happier is just around the bend. Have faith that all will be as it should.. Cannot wait to see what presents itself to you next! Many Blessings, Penny

  3. Michelle Bartlett

    I know you do not know me but I understand your pain. You must be very disappointed. Takes the air out of your sails and breaks the mast. Just remember the “perfect” house is just down that other street. My youngest single son just went through this ordeal. After looking at over 20 homes in his price range, bingo. He had looked at a house just down the street that morning when this one was lowered by $5000 mid morning. We were very proud of him. When the time is right it will be there. Just hard to deal with the ups and downs and carry on with your “normal” activities. You just sound so alone. You are not. Stay in there my friend.

  4. woojoo

    Message from your muse:
    Dearest Melissa, I’m exhausted and taking a break to recharge and refresh my soul. I would like you to do the same. Please take some time for personal nurturing. Have fun, be present, no planning while I’m away, OK? Back soon with fresh inspiration! Hugs, Muse.

  5. Melissa Muir

    LOL Penny. I know it will happen. It was just sad since I had already moved in mentally. You know what I mean? But I am excited to see what the “next” studio will look like. Really, that one was still a bit small. So hopefully the next one will be HUGE! And I guess one thing that does keep me excited is that when things like this happen, it does usually mean that something better is right around the corner. It will be fun to see…. now all I have to do is find the right corner.

  6. Melissa Muir

    Thank you Michelle. I know it will happen. And really, there is no rush. In fact, we were really quite surprised when it all happened so quickly. Thank you for the encouragement. I really appreciate it right now. 

  7. Melissa Muir

    You made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the smile. And perhaps she is taking a break so that I will get to work on the technical part of this book.

    Love you Georgette!!!!
  8. DaleHoffman

    Melissa, as everybody has said, the absolutely perfect place is still getting ready for you 🙂

    Most important, enjoy the journey, and ignore the outcome. It doesn’t hurt as much. You’ll probably shed a tear or two, but the pain will be way shorter 🙂

    Good luck.

  9. carolyn

    This is the perfect time of year when people atart listing their homes for sale. I think I can hear your new studio space whispering your name…seek & you shall find! Or will it find you?!

  10. Melissa Muir

    You are totally right Carolyn. I am listening. I hear something whispering, let’s hope it starts talking a bit louder soon. LOL. I think it is probably one of those things where the right place will find me. Even tonight my husband and I were talking about the house hunt and I told him I thought that we probably ought to go look at some of these that we had ruled out. We had actually not thought a whole lot of the the house that fell through, until we actually saw it. So you never know…

  11. Lynn Ballinger

    Melissa, I know how it feels to live in a temporary place, it makes your life seem temporary as well.
    Hang in there, keep telling yourself that it IS temporary and that everything happens for a reason. It will work out in the end. You may end up with a house you like even better!

  12. Melissa Muir

    That is exactly what it feels like Lynn. Temporary. It is hard to have a goal and focus. Thanks!

  13. Marilyn Daley

    Hang in there Melissa. Everything will start gelling soon. I ejoyed your rambling blog. The fact that you wrote it is as start in itself. Flounder…that was a fun character in a disney movie.


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