A year of Jewelry 2007

I thought it would be interesting to see my progress over the course of
the year. It is amazing to see the things I have done.  Obviously there are many more pieces that I have done and aren’t pictured here, but you can sure see the progress. Can you tell when I learned to bezel set a stone? Or how about when my new tools came? Can you tell when I started taking metalsmithing classes at the University of Akron? What a trip! This year is going to be GREAT!

January 2007:

February 2007:

March 2007:

April 2007:

May 2007:

June 2007:

July 2007:

August 2007:

September 2007:

October 2007:

November 2007:

December 2007:

3 thoughts on “A year of Jewelry 2007

  1. Sheela

    Melissa, would you believe this – I’m in the midst of making a cuff bracelet and earring set, filigree wire-wrapped, like your cuff bracelet in September 2007, entry 2nd from left??? Great minds must think alike yadda yadda yadda LOL it’s beautiful and I love the way you’ve presented the months of work so nicely and neatly. I must do the same with mine.

    xoxoxo Sheela


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