A great big project

Well, I found out about this new project of mine on Wednesday and it has caused quite a stir in my household and will certainly change the direction of my work. Last week I went in for some routine health testing and check ups (which I don’t do nearly often enough.) After discussing some of my concerns my doctor decided to send me in for an ultrasound to rule out uterine cancer, cysts and tumors.

We did find something in there, but it certainly wasn’t anything I was expecting to find. I had myself all ready to hear news of the worst things but instead we found the beginnings of a BABY! What a SHOCK! And Yes, I know how it got there. That was the fun part.  HAHAHA

The girls are excited, though Riley is a bit apprehensive about another baby. She is such a great sister though. Kate keeps asking when we are going to go to the store to pick the baby up. She said she also wants one for her, one for Riley and one for daddy. Let’s just pray there is only ONE baby coming.

The baby is due in February and we are praying to make it to January. As you know, my pregnancies are riddled with complications and we would certainly appreciate any prayers and good thoughts you can spare. I will be setting up a separate blog for people to follow my family and pregnancy. I will post a link to that later if anyone is interested. But that way I can keep this blog more arts centered.

Well, Here we go!  Wish me luck!

39 thoughts on “A great big project

  1. Robin

    Congratulations. A new blessing for your family. We will pray that everything goes well and there are no complications. I can see how this might change your focus a bit. What fun!

  2. Karen Kress

    OMG!!! How wonderful!! What a great surprise! Maybe the baby will be born on Valentine’s Day, so you’ll have yet another special heart… 🙂 Many thoughts and prayers to you for a healthy and smooth pregnancy. 🙂

  3. Lois

    What fabulous news!! I’m voting for Feb 23, my daughters birthday. Prayers for perfect health and the patience to wait. God bless.

  4. Adele

    What a wonderful surprise!!! Congratulations to all of you for the new little one soon to join your family. I’m sure Riley and Kate will be great big sisters.

    What a great idea to set up a blog for us to be able to follow. I know I will be.

    I wish you lots of love, happiness and the best possible health during your pregnancy. Prayers are being sent your way for all of you!



  5. Cathy aka cathadina

    Melissa that is wonderful. I hope
    God holds this baby in his hands and keeps the wee one safe. Babies I love um.

  6. Kris

    Congratulations on your good news!! You have to admit, it was better news than the OTHER health news you were contemplating!
    Positive Kharma is being sent your way…!

  7. Kelly Horton

    First I just wanted to say how absolutely WONDERFUL, AMAZING, AND SELFLESS you are for providing us all this info. I hope you dont mind, but I shared your site on a jewelry forum, lampwork etc. I wanted to email you to ask your permission but couldnt find a way to do it. That is soooo exciting about the baby, omg, i can imagine being terrified at the something is in there, only to find out, ITS A BABY!!! CONGRATS AND BEST WISHES….HMMM, IM THINKING ONLINE BABY SHOWER! 🙂

  8. Sara

    Just found your blog via signing up for your spinner ring class! I am trying to expand my skills and am finding your reviews on tools extremely helpful. Congratulations on your new project and looking forward to your class!

  9. Debbie Ellebruch

    Congratulations!!!!! This is wonderful news. I had a feeling……lol. Prayers will be answered I am sure of it, Melissa. Will this be a Texas baby? The girls will be great little mommy’s helpers.

  10. Melissa Muir

    LOL, Nancy, but you would be surprised at how many people ask. Thank you. Hope Bob is doing okay and you are able to make it up here in July.

  11. Melissa Muir

    Thank you Robin. You know, a change of focus might be just what I needed at the moment. It could certainly be a fun thing.

  12. Melissa Muir

    Karen, I had better not go that long. The due date is on the 12th and I am one of those that delivers at least a month early….. THANK GOODNESS!

    Thank you!

  13. Melissa Muir

    Thanks Lois, but please don’t wish that date on me.  I won’t even come close as it is a good 2 weeks past my due date. I think I would have to go crazy if I am ever pregnant that long. HAHAHA

  14. Melissa Muir

    Oh, I can’t even begin to tel you how much I miss you guys. I hope all is going well. Please do come visit us soon. We would love to have you…. you haven’t been to our “new” house either. It is a lot of fun.

  15. Melissa Muir

    Oh Kris, You have no idea. I was totally relieved even if my heart still ended up in my stomach! HAHAHA Thanks!

  16. Melissa Muir

    Kelly, that was very sweet. And I don’t mind one bit. Share away. Thank you for sharing the link. I actually really appreciate it. And an online baby show is totally unnecessary, though it does sound fun.

  17. Melissa Muir

    Ellie, now that the morning sickness has kicked in and I am in full nausea mode, I am really wishing it were that easy. HAHAHA

  18. Melissa Muir

    Hi Sara, Thanks so much for the well wishes and for signing up for my class. I am really excited to come down to Columbus to teach. It should be a really good class.

  19. Melissa Muir

    Thank you  Joan. It was so good to see you last week. I am glad you were able to come and it was great to meet your husband too.

  20. Melissa Muir

    Yeah,  yeah, yeah! Thanks Debbie. Nope, this baby will be an Akron Baby. It might only be a couple of months old when we move though. And we still don’t know where we will go. The girls are going to be great. Riley already is and I think Kate is going to be great since she is such a “little mommy” already.

  21. Barrie

    Congratulations Melissa!! I just stumbled over your blog the other day, and I love it!! It’s fabulous!! hope you can keep it up – especially now that you’re expecting again!! Hope this pregnancy is as smooth and easy as can be!!


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