A few new things for the last week of March

I have a couple of things to post tonight. Riley (my 7-year-old) is always wanting to make some jewelry with me. She gets the chance every now and then if she gets her homework done in time (which is rare.) Anyway, the other night I was making an angel for a friend that ordered one. Riley said she wanted to make one as well. I had ordered some brass practice wire the week prior and we were ready to go.

Considering this is her first go at it and she is 7 years old, I don’t think she did too bad at all. It reminds me of the Tree People in The Lord of The Rings. hahaha


This is the angel I did while she was working on hers.


I ordered my Flex-shaft and it finally came yesterday. I was so excited. I set right to work on my very first cold connection piece. This pendant is quite rough, but I don’t think it is too shabby for my very first piece.

It is made with Copper and I believe Steel. I don’t think it is aluminum, first, it is heavy and second, it is magnetic.


This is my week 12 YOJ pendant. It isn’t on theme, but it turned out quite pretty. It took forever to wrap the beads on there. The larger crystal is a 6mm Swarovski bicone in Siam. It looks black here, but it was rainy outside today when I was taking the pictures.

This is called The Broken Heart.


2 thoughts on “A few new things for the last week of March

  1. Swati

    Wow!! Riley made that?? It is great! It reminded me of African art. It can even be sold its so good! She does better wire work than me! LOL!!!!!!!!!


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