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Fundametal Friday – Riveting Followup

The results are in and I agree, the new Friday Feature will be officially called “FUNDAMETAL FRIDAY.” And I have just posted my second Friday video. This particular video is the follow up for the questions from Tuesday’s video and the giveaway for Gwen Youngblood’s Riveting Essentials Kit. 

While answering some of the questions I have come up withs some links for quick access to various tools and workshops.

Where can I purchase the kit?
Well, I have several on their way to me right now. You can back order them on my site and I will send it as soon as I get it, or you can purchase from Amazon (though they are a bit more expensive than me.)

My Site:

Where can I get that little hammer you use?
Well, you can order that through me.

What is the link for the Craftsy Class?
Coupon code: 58c6e098-6320-40db-b4a9-4d72ffccddf8
Expires: 1/15/17

Are you teaching classes next year? YES! I AM!
All of my Tucson Workshops are listed here:


And my workshops for Glass Craft Expo are coming soon. They are working on the listings now. I have a few more that are coming up also and I will be introducing those soon.

Thank you so much for all of your support. Please join me for Tool Time Tuesdays and Fundametal Fridays each week.

Without further ado, here it today’s Fundametal Friday. Have a great weekend everyone.

Video Link:

Tool Time Tuesday – Riveting Essentials

I know it is Wednesday. But due to traveling last week and starting a new business this week with my husband has delayed things just a little bit. But here it is. You may remember I did a post and video a while back using the Riveting Essentials Kit from my friend Gwen Youngblood, well, she is giving away a kit to one lucky winner. Thanks Gwen.

Gwen Youngblood Riveting Essentials

Gwen Youngblood Riveting Essentials

I have decided to give this away in the same manner that I did the last giveaway. Check out the  YouTube video to see how to use this great tool and enter the drawing. I will announce the winner, along with the new name for my Friday Video Feature. Be sure to ask any questions you have that you want answered on Friday.

Good luck and I will see you all on Friday.

Video Link:

Tool Time Tuesday – Can I run over it with my car?

I didn’t get my Friday Follow Up Post made, but I did do the video and had it posted on time. I had so many great questions from the Cupcake wrapper texturing video. So I tackled most of the questions about the rolling mill. People asked what kind of mill they should look for, why didn’t I sandwich the stack entirely, and more. So check out the video and see if I answer questions you may have regarding rolling mills and texturing.

Cupcake Silver Bracelet

Video Link:

We are also having a poll to see what I should name the Friday feature. Please leave your suggestion or vote in the comments of this post.

  • Fun-da-Metal Friday
  • Follow Up Friday
  • FYI Friday
  • Ask Away Friday
  • Fun Fact Friday
  • Friday weekly Follow up
  • Friday FAQ

Winners from the Tool Time Tuesday Giveaway. Congrats to all 5 of my winners.

  • Ashley Lozano
  • Laury Vaden
  • Babette Cox
  • Dee Hebard
  • Dottie Arano

Watch for the next giveaway soon. 🙂


One question that comes up a lot from people that haven’t made the leap for various tools, is can they use their vehicle to get the same results. Some are quite serious while others are truly curious. I had one of the truly curious ask me if the process of roll printing with the cupcake wrapper would yield the same result. So we decided to give it a shot and see what happens. The video is super short, check it out.

Video Link:

My girls had so much fun rolling over this that they wanted to do more. So our family channel features what happens when you roll over other items. Our new feature is called – “Let’s Run Over It.” It will be filled with lots of fun things. 🙂 Check it out and subscribe if you want more Crazy Muir Mania Antics. To Subscribe just click here:

Video Link:

Tool Time Tuesday – Texture Your Metal with Cupcake Wrappers?!?!?! *Giveaway*

Seriously! You can use cupcake wrappers to texture your metal if you know what you are doing. There have been so many advances in technology that leads to new objects that can be used in a number of ways. One such product is the decorative cupcake wrapper. They are laser cut papers with a consistency of a mid weight card stock. And that means they are perfect for texturing metal in a rolling mill.

Cupcakes and Texture

Watch this super short video to see how I use these decorative wrappers to impart a beautiful texture on my metal.

Video link:

Where do you find these wrappers? Well, I found mine on Amazon as well as in the craft store. They are all the rage right now, so they aren’t too difficult. But I did go through a TON of listings and picked out about 16 of them and found the ones with the best prices.

I like using water color paper and this is the one I use:

140 pound Water Color Paper:

Here are the ones I like best…. and most are on their way to me right now as I type this. 😀

Affiliate links for other cupcake designs on Amazon:
multi_blueCombo pack – 6 designs

Twist Flower Lace:

Ghost Cupcake Wrappers:


Spider Web:

White Snowflake:

Snow Flake 2:


Vine Lace:

Art Nouveau:

Vine Lace:

Fine Vine Lace:

Heart Filigree:


White Flower:

Filigree flower lace


I am giving away 20 of these wrappers (4 wrappers to 5 different winners.) Be sure to watch the video, Subscribe to my channel and leave your comment on the YouTube video to be entered. I will be doing a new video on Friday to announce the winners and answer some of the questions asked. I would like to do the Friday videos regularly. So be sure to pose your questions. Thanks for all your support and good luck on winning.