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Utah Studio is Coming Along

Wow, we have been here for a full month already. In some ways it seems like we have been here forever and in others it seems like just yesterday we were just learning we were even going to be moving to Utah. I haven’t cared for the weather here so far. It seems, just as in other places in the US right now, that winter does not want to leave. We get various teasers, but for the most part, winter weather is what we have had. I am really missing my bike rides and am anxious to get them started again.

Next week I have the opportunity to participate in a medical study related to the issues that I had with my last baby that resulted in her having 9 blood transfusions (4 of which happened before she was even born.) I will be in Indianapolis for a couple of days, with one day being completely open. Does anyone live in the area and would like to get together? Let me know and I will give you the particulars. Otherwise, I will plan on just hanging out at the mall and nearby art museums.

In other news, the studio is coming together. I am starting to get really excited, no I am not, I have been excited for a long time. But I am getting more and more antsy to use the place. Some parts of the room actually look like it is getting close to being done. I love looking at the end of the room that has the fireplace. Just a couple more boxes to remove and that end of the room will look great.

Look, you can even see part of the table tops on the student work bench. YAY! I still need to paint the coset doors and attach the handles. I found these really cool forged iron handles that I am going to use as door pulls. But I need to get some new hinges as the originals are all brass.

We also figured out how to use the fireplace. It had to be wired for the switch and everything. But when we flipped the switch, only the pilot light would come on. But I found the remote for it and now I can have a beautifully inviting fire in the fireplace. (obviously, I still have a few things to clean up on the mantle.)

The forging area and equipment tables are finally finished as well.


It is still a big mess right now, but that is just because I am still trying to figure out where to put everything and all the associated accessories. I can’t wait to have it done and do the proper studio tour.

I even have a little helper. Our new home has central vacuum. I haven’t had one of those before. But my baby LOVES the fact that she can now help out. In fact, you should hear the screams when we make her stop. HAHAHA


Now if only I could get her to keep that love of cleaning. Why is it that they want to help and do the cleaning when they really aren’t able to, and when they are old enough to do it and do a good job at it, they refuse to? Sigh.

One area that hasn’t really had any attention paid to it yet is the sink area. In fact, there isn’t a sink yet. I still need to do some shopping for that.


Sigh, what a mess.

But all in all, it is coming together.

What a move… (long)

Well, we have been here for 2 weeks now. I cannot believe that much time has already passed. It has been an interesting move to say the least. Our items came and some made it unharmed, and others, well, not so much. The house is big and that has taken a bit to get used to. There are a lot of projects to do in here as the house is 13 years old and some things haven’t been maintained as they should have been. So that has been keeping us VERY busy.

Today as a reward for getting one bathroom unpacked and finished, my closet almost finished and a few other boxes unpacked, I went on a bike ride. There are biking trails all over the place here. It is an extremely family friendly and bike friendly place. It isn’t the Columbia River Gorge, mind you, but it is nice and accessible.

We are finally starting to work a little bit on the studio. The walls were already up with the electrical run. But that is pretty much the extent of it. There are can lights in the room (21 of them to be exact) and some of those need to be changed out as it isn’t good lighting for working on detailed projects like I do in my classes.

I started to put things together in my studio, but then realized quite quickly how dumb that was since the walls aren’t finished. So this is what it has looked like for the past few days.






I unloaded several boxes, but you could barely tell I had even made a dent. And you know what? It took a lot of time to empty these boxes….


I bought a 5 gallon bucket of primer and will be working on the walls and ceiling tonight. Kiari is enjoying the carpet with the tarps on the floor.


It looks like I have a great blue whale in my studio at the moment. HAHAHA


I have really been having a hard time with this move since we have run into several issues with the house that the inspector should have caught and didn’t. So we have had to put out a lot of extra money that we weren’t planning on to take care of some BIG issues. It has been difficult, mentally and emotionally. But yesterday as we were outside taking care of one of those issues, we saw this….


How can that not make you feel even a LITTLE bit better? It was actually a double rainbow, but the second one didn’t really show up with my cell phone camera.

Also, Kate’s school is only about 1/2 a mile from here, so we have been walking and yesterday morning as I was pondering all the issues we are having and my feelings, I saw this….


The sky was totally gray and cloud covered and then there was one little spot that opened up and the sun was so bright. It was just beautiful.

Okay, so this didn’t get posted last week as I had planned. So let me show you what I have accomplished….
















Tomorrow, I will tape the rest of the room off and paint the rest of the walls. I have chosen a light gray color to go with the dark gray on the walls you see above. My Father-in-law will be here starting tomorrow and we will build the rest of the tables and then I can get putting things back together. I am getting closer and closer each day. YAY!