Monthly Archives: July 2010

Tool Time — Sometime

Well, I wish I had a really good reason for missing the last couple of weeks. And depending on your point of view, I do have a good reason. My couch has needed holding down. I have done a simply wonderful job at doing that. My girls and I are making our way through the videos we own and even NetFlix is going to have a hard time keeping me entertained soon.

I have been that sick with this new little one. I have literally done nothing much except for try to keep my meals in my tummy, and haven’t been quite so successful in that endeavor either. I am getting quite eager for January to be here.

I have been working on a few new topics for Tool Time Tuesday and hope to get some photographs done soon and will be back to posting regularly. Until then, if anyone wants to call and just chat, I will be holding down the couch.