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Guess who finally made it into the studio?

Well, it seems forever since I actually got to sit in my studio and make something. I know that I need to update the blog with more trip pictures and they are coming, it is just very time consuming. But they really are coming. In the meantime here are my efforts from the other night in the studio. I have one more necklace that I still need to photograph though.

This first piece is made with an amazing stone that I bought in Indonesia. They say it is Obsidian, but it is unlike any obsidian I have ever seen. The stone is crystal clear and the most beautiful shade of blue. This one is in my personal collection permanently. It is actually a very large piece, and I NEVER wear things this big, but I guess I do now. The stone is about 2″ tall and about 1 1/2″ wide at the base. The first picture is of the front and the second is the back.



This next piece is made with sterling silver and carnelian. I have pierced the design into the silver with a jewelers saw.

This last piece is one that has been “remade.” I had started to work on an anticlastic cuff bracelet, but I could never get it to turn out right and I don’t have the tools for that type of forming here in my studio. So this piece has been sitting on my bench since October just begging to be fixed, without any way of fixing it. So I finally got sick of looking at this “waste” of perfectly good silver sheet. I was determined to do something different with it, like cut it up and use it in a pendant or something else like that. I annealed (softened) it and began to hammer it flat. As I did, t he edges began to ruffle up and I really liked the look of it. So I kept going a little bit further and decided to bend it back into a cuff shape and below is the final result of that. I really like this and it is VERY comfortable to wear. As much as I would like this to be in my personal permanent collection also, I will probably put this one up for sale soon. I need to buy more silver and it would probably be helpful to have some money to do that.

Melissa Muir Jewelry

Okay, I will be back shortly with more photos of our trip. Have a Happy 4th of July everyone.