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At the Market and BSM

After we dropped Riley off at the school we headed to the local market where everyone buys most of their food. This place was crazy. It had tiny little isles and everything you can imagine. It was filthy, stinky and just plain crazy. The chicken for dinner that night was still alive when we were at the market that afternoon. The Indonesians like their food fresh and you just don’t get any fresher than that. In fact, most of them don’t even have a fridge and microwaves were unheard of until about a year ago.

These are some of the fruits of Indonesia. This first picture is one of Jim’s favorites. I believe the fruit is called Durian or something like that. He said if the fruit isn’t ripe it tastes like Kerosene. It sure didn’t have a pleasant smell. But i am told that when it is cooked into pastries it tastes wonderful. I didn’t ever try any. The fruit is very hard on the outside. In fact, they tie the fruit to the limbs of the tree while it is still growing. They said that if the fruit were to fall on a person below the spikes would easily go through someone’s skull. I think I would do everything possible to avoid those trees.

This is another of Jim’s favorites. It looks like a strawberry, but nothing like it. It is called snake fruit. The skin looks like the scales of a snake. The skin is hard and tough, but easy to remove from the fruit inside. The fruit is a little bit sweet, but I don’t know how to describe the flavor. The texture is more of an apple, but smooth, not juicy.

This was some random guy in the market. He saw me taking pictures and kept saying, “Shoot Me.” So I did.

These are Dragon fruit. They are VERY GOOD! In the Mornings, Eli (Jim’s sister in law) would make us dragon fruit juice and it was very sweet, pink and just plain yummy.
Bananas and more bananas, oh and a couple of pinapples.



This is one of the entrances to the market. It has the widest isle in the place. You can actually move right here without being stepped on or stepping on someone else.
This was a shop in the market where they sold clothing. There were quite a few of them. You should have seen the ones with all the shoes. I will see if I actually got a picture of those.
This was just outside the market. They have many ways of transportation. You can see the motorcycle….those things outnumber cars at least 10 – 1. They are EVERYWHERE! And they drive wherever they like. There are very few stop signs and signals, and even then they are treated as optional. I am telling you, I have never seen driving like that in my life and it would be the one thing that would keep me from going back.  I had to sit behind the driver all the time so I never saw what was coming at us.
Another shot of some of the transportation, including the horse and buggy. I never did get to ride on one of those, but Riley did. They also have what are called baby taxi’s. They are these little vans and they stick about 20 people in them. CRAZY!!!! People litterally hang off the sides. Oh, and it isn’t uncommon to see a family of four or five on a motorcycle.

After our trip to the market and school we visited a place called Bandung SuperMal (nope, it isn’t a typo) They call it BSM for short. It is a HUGE mall that includes a small amusement park. The mall reminds me of Tyson’s Corner in Virginia, but with an amuesment park inside. There was a roller coaster, merry-go-round, Swing, canoes, bumper cars, ferris wheel and a few others, plus games galore. The girls had a great time. Here you can see them in the little canoes that they had to paddle along in.

This one shows the swing ride and the coaster going by. You can’t see it because of the swings, but Riley, Amelia and I are all on the coaster.

These are actually little rides that the kids can go on. They are so funny.

You can see they also like American food (although it certainly didn’t taste American to me.) CFC is the same as our KFC…. although they had those too. You can also see the A&W back there on the left.

This little guy is called a Chi-Choc (Sounds like Chee Chock) They call it this because that is the sound it makes. They are EVERYWHERE, including in the houses. They are good though and eat the flies and misquitoes. I wish he would have eaten a few more in our house. They really liked to snack on Riley and I.

Well, that is the end of Day one in Indonesia. The next post will show some of our trip to Borobudor where there is a HUGE Buddhist Temple that is one of the 7 wonders of the world. It was a 10 hour drive and then after that we made an 8 hour drive to Pangandaran Beach – it was a VERY long day. But full of great things.

Riley’s trip to school in Indonesia

We arrived in Indonesia in the evening and then made a 2 1/2 hour drive to my friends home in Bandung. My friend has a daughter that is just younger than my own. They asked that we stop by the school and say hello. They invited Riley to attend all day, but we thought it would be best to let her rest after the long flights. So we stopped by when school had about 2 hours left. Most of these kids have never seen a white person before, let alone one with blonde hair so we really stood out. We were immediately mobbed by the kids. It was kind of funny. Here are some pictures of Riley’s first day at school.

This shows the classroom where Amelia attends class. That day the other teacher was sick, so they had two classes meeting in the one. We had taken a VERY large bag of candy, mostly chocolates and licorice. Luckily, I had packed extras. 

You can see the kids peaking in through the windows trying to get a look at Riley.

The lady on the Right was the school principal. She only spoke very little English, but she wanted to ask so many quesitons. She was really polite. As we sat in her office, the kids kept trying to peak through the door and windows. It was really funny. The lady on the left was one of the teachers and she had studied a little English so she was able to ask us more questions.


This is a picture of my friend Jim and daughter Riley. This is what the school yard looked like shortly after the kids found out there were white people visiting the school.They asked Riley to stay and she was too nervous to do it. So this picture was just as we were getting ready to leave the school grounds.


There was a vendor at the gates of the school grounds selling a Jello like treat. Jim bought some for Riley so she could try it. It quickly became one of her favorite treats while in Indonesia.


When we left, we walked across the street to a little shop and about 20 kids followed us. They asked that Riley please return with them and attend the last part of school with them. We finally talked Riley into it. Amelia’s mom returned with them. Riley said they all kept asking what her name was, where she lived, what kinds of games she liked to play and then asked her to sing them a song. I don’t recall which song she sang to them. But she showed them how to play tick-tack-toe.

The little girl below with the sticks is eating this jello substance. It looked really slimey, but the kids all seemed to enjoy it.



Okay, I will post more when I get more pictures resized. After we left Riley at the school, my husband and I went to the local outdoor market. Just wait till you see some of those pictures.

Update and Pictures from our Trip

Hi everyone,

It has been months since my last update. I have been very busy with the Ohio Jewelry and metal Arts Guild. It has been growing so fast, particularly in the Columbus Region. I wish we had that kind of participation here in the North East. I can’t wait until we do.

There is a lot going on both personally and some professionally. First of all, due to a family medical issue I have canceled all of my classes in July. I will reschedule them as soon as I can. I am already working on my August Schedule and will announce that as soon as it is finished.

In Most recent news, my husband, daughter and myself have just returned from a fantastic trip to Indonesia where we visited with a friend of mine. I used to work with my friend Jim while I lived in the DC area. He extended the invite to visit with his family in Indonesia and we decided to take him up on his offer. The trip was fantastic. I am including the first of many pictures in this post. There will be MANY more to follow as I get them edited for posting on the web. Right now the file sizes are HUGE!

These first pictures were taken while we were in Korea during an over night layover on our way to Indonesia. It was a long flight, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting.

We had the opportunity to visit a Buddhist Temple while there in Korea. This picture is of a tree that is over 1,300 years old. They call it “Grandpa Tree. ” This picture shows my daughter with our “little flat friend, Flat Frannie.”

These next two pictures show the bell that is rung twice a day by a Buddhist monk. We didn’t see any monks.

This next picture shows my daughter in front of a sign that points to “E-Mart” which is the equivalent to our Wall.Mart.

This last picture shows a really cool “side walk” in front of our hotel.

I will post more pictures soon. Perhaps even today if I can get to them.