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Snow Storm in Ohio = Great time in the studio

Okay, so we totally got hit with SNOW!!!! I am so tired of shoveling that stupid white stuff. I now have mounds of snow over 4 feet tall in my front yard. I am getting really good at throwing the snow over them too. I had to shovel my walks three times today. I hope you are all staying warm and safe this weekend. I know there were quite a few places affected by the storm. I will take pictures of the place tomorrow and you can see what I mean. I totally want a snow blower.  HAHA

So what do you do when you get a foot of snow? Well, this is what I did. Not all of these were made today. Some of them were made yesterday.

Okay, here are some pieces from me. It has been a while huh?

This first one was made for a challenge on one of my jewelry forums. We were challenged to use 10 gauge wire in our design. So in this one, all the silver started as 10 gauge…. and that is THICK! I hand pierced the copper with a jewelers saw. It is fun. I only broke one blade. YAY!

Melissa Muir Jewelry

next one is based on another that I had done a long time ago. Everyone
liked it so much so I decided to do something similar. This time there
is no stone and it is mixed metal.
Melissa Muir Jewelry

next group is one that I made for a friend of mine for a jewelry swap.
She likes copper and silver and I was happy to oblige. I hope she likes it.

I am teaching this class next week and wanted to come up with a wire heart with beads… so here it is. This is similar to the one below.

this is what I did today in between rounds of shoveling over a foot of
stinking snow! I DON’T LIKE SNOW! But I am in love with this pendant.
The stone is an imitation opal.

As always, I love to hear your comments and suggestions. Stay safe and dry and warm everyone!

A new Angel

This is an angel that I have had in the works since the end of last year. Now that I finally have a torch big enough to handle it, I got to finish it. I still need to make the chain, but I am working on it. As we are snowed in today, this might be the activity of the day. I just spent the last two hours shoveling snow off of my drive way and side walk and it is still snowing. I will take pictures soon. They told us to expect 8 – 10 inches, but I think we only have 4 – 6. I can  handle that.

The stone in this one is a beautiful amethyst. I had all sorts of issues while creating this one, but I am fairly happy with the way it has turned out.

I have more pictures of the studio too. I will be posting them on my website: soon. I took pictures of my classroom and I have decorated the studio a bit more since the last time I posted pictures.

I hope you are all safe, dry and warm this weekend.

2008 – 52 weeks of Jewelry – Image Heavy!

For the past two years I have participated in a challenge called the Year of Jewelry. That is actually the reason this blog was started. Can you believe it has been 2 years already? Anyway, last year I thought it was kind of neat to see how my work progressed throughout the year in one post. I have done it again. Of course I have made many more pieces than what is pictured here, this is just what I have submitted for the YOJ challenge.

This last year has been a very big year for my family as we bought a new home, put in a yard, and built a fabulous studio. My classes have picked up and I hope that 2009 continues that trend. I thank all of you that have participated in my classes and supported me with your purchases. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you, your support and business.

I am going to push myself a bit harder this year. That is already one
of my goals. I have a very difficult time being creative and I really
need to work on it more. My work is nowhere near the level that I would
like it to be and I want to get it closer this year. I have already
challenged myself to write some tutorials and try a few new techniques.
I need to sit down and spend some good quality time with my sketch book
as well. Wink

So here is my year in jewelry for 2008. Wink As always, comments and critiques and suggestions are welcome and much appreciated.