Monthly Archives: May 2008

A BIG MOVE & Seriously Sirius

Wow, has it been another month already since I posted my last stuff? This month has been just plain crazy. We have purchased a home in Norton, Ohio. We found out that we will be staying here in Ohio for another 3 years. It is going to be so nice to be able to settle down for a few years once again. The new home is going to be a lot of work. We have a lot of cleaning to do and a yard to put in, and of course, a studio to build. The basement has 1,500 square feet and my hubby has given it all to me.  YAY! Now all I have to do is find the money to outfit it the way I want it. *sigh* the tool buying frenzy and envy never ends does it?

Classes for the semester end next week. I am just about finished with my final project. In fact, I will probably be at the school today for a very long time trying to finish it up. I will be sure to post when I get it back and photographed.

Once I get my studio set up I will post pictures. I am going to work on my summer class schedule coming up here shortly as well. I am going to have several options as far as an “Open Studio” workshop session and such. It should be fun. Riley has also asked that I create some fun kids classes also, so watch for those too.

In the mean time I did manage to finally finish a piece that I had been working on for quite a while. This next piece was commissioned by a wonderful lady in the U.K. In fact, the piece is already in the mail on the way to her. Debbie has been wonderfully patient while I figured out the techniques best for this project. Debbie is another Sirius Black fan. After seeing the piece that I did for my friend Lora, (see My First Cast Piece) she asked if I could make a piece for her as well.

This piece is made with black acrylic. I layered a couple of pieces together, cut them out, sanded and filed, sanded and filed, sanded and filed and finally polished them. As I was trying to figure out how to finish the piece and attach the black leather cord I came up with the idea to create a silver back plate. This plate is attached to the acrylic shape with two “screws” that I made with a process called Tap and Die. This piece turned out so well. It really does look much better in person. I am really hoping that Debbie likes it as much as I did. Everyone in my class also loved it. Thank you Debbie for being so patient during the development of this piece.