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Metal Beads and Enameled Pendant

I finally got some more pictures. WOOHOO! I can’t wait for my new OS to
get here so I can get some of this done much sooner and easier.

is a sampling of beads from the metal beads class I just taught on
Friday. It was so much fun. I have scheduled another class at my house
on May 17th. I hope I get some students because this really is a fun

is an enameled pendant that I have just finished as a project for
school. It is double sided. The one side has a black enamel and the
other has a clear enamel on copper. It turned out really nice. I wore
it yesterday to church and again to school today and everyone loved it.

April & May 2008 Class Schedule

Celebrate with a class or two
or three or…

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Lots of Information
Happy Spring Everyone.

Now, let’s get
this winter weather out of here so we can enjoy some nice weather for once. I
have FINALLY put together a Saturday schedule of classes for April and May.
While these are the only classes scheduled to date, it does not mean that they
are the only ones available. If you have a special request, just ask away. I
would be happy to put together a class for you and your friends.

Class information:
Classes are currently taught in
Norton/Copley and at Grand River Beads in Rocky River. We can also put together
a class at your place if you would like. Just give me a call and we will work
out the details together.

In every class, all materials are provided
unless otherwise noted. You only need bring yourself. If you prefer to work with
your own tools, you are more than welcome to bring those as well.

Have you already taken one of the classes listed here? No
problem. If you have already taken one of these classes you are still welcome to
take it again. I promise I will push you to the next level with extra exercises
and ideas. Each time you take a class you should walk away with new techniques,
a better comfort level and different ideas.

Norton Location
Class Deposit:

To ensure your place in any class a $25 deposit is
required. The deposit will be applied to your class fee. It will also be
refunded in full if a class is canceled or rescheduled for any reason. The
deposit will also be refunded if you withdraw from a class with at least one
weeks notice. You will receive a credit for anycancelation with less than a
weeks notice. The deposit can be paid by Cash, Check, Visa/MasterCard/Discover
Card or PayPal.

Snow Policy (let’s hope we are
done with the snow though)

North Eastern Ohio weather is never
predictable and with that comes flexibility. We will play it all by ear and
decide the night before the class as to what to do. I will send an email to
those that have scheduled a class so far asking for phone numbers so I can
contact you with the final decision. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for mild
weather on Saturdays.

All classes are taught by jewelry artist 
Melissa Muir. You can see Melissa’s work on her website and on her Design Journal

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Introduction to Soldering
Have you wanted to take your jewelry making to the next level?
Have you wanted to create secure connections in your jewelry? Well, this class
is a great step in the right direction.

In this class you will learn the
basics of small scale table-top soldering. You don’t need a big scary torch to
make beautiful jewelry. We will discuss the basic tools needed as well as many
facets of security so you can safely create. This workshop is a pre-requisite
for other metal smithing classes. You will learn to make secure connections with
rings, pins and various findings. During the class you will finish one bracelet
including clasp.

The class fee is $100. All materials are included.
There is no need to bring any tools, unless you prefer to work with your own.

Scheduled class times and locations:
Saturday, April 19, 2008
   10:30 – 3:30 
Norton, OH    

Saturday, April 26, 2008    
11:00 – 4:00  
Grand River Beads, Rocky River, OH

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Introduction to Bezel Setting
This workshop will instruct students on the process of
manufacturing and setting a small cabochon in a pendant.  Students will learn to
size and make a bezel, as well set a cabochon. You may bring your own stone or
glass cabochon or one will be provided as part of the materials fee. You will
finish one pendant in class.

If you have taken this class before, I will
help you move to the next level of design and construction.

Basic soldering within the past 18 months or soldering skills up to date. Bring
a brown bag lunch.

The class fee is $105. All materials are included.
There is no need to bring any tools, unless you prefer to work with your own.

Scheduled class times and locations
Saturday, May 3, 2008  
10:30 – 3:30  Norton, OH    

Saturday, May 10, 2008 
11:00 – 4:00  Grand River Beads, Rocky River, OH

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Introduction to Cold Connections
Are you weary of soldering with a torch?
Perhaps you just don’t have the money to invest in a soldering set up yet. There
are still ways of creating beautiful multi metal jewelry pieces without the use
of a torch.

This class is part of a series on cold connections. Watch for
future class dates and even some mini evening classes coming up in the next
couple of months. In this particular class we will be making a cuff bracelet
with multiple types of metal.

In this class you will learn about the
different types of metals that can be used in jewelry and how to protect against
skin discoloration and irritation. You will experiment with
various cold connection techniques
including wire and tube rivets.
There will be discussion and
with several methods of
adding patinas
and texture to jewelry.
You will finish a
t least one

The class fee is
$105. All materials are included. There is no need to bring any tools, unless
you prefer to work with your own.

Scheduled class times and locations:
April 5, 2008     10:30 – 3:30   Norton, OH    

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Make your own metal beads
This is a very fun class that I have just finished putting

In this class you will learn the basics of metal etching and
texturing. You will work with different tools to cut out all the required
components of the beads and shaping of the metal. We will discuss and work with
cold connection techniques with tube rivets as well as some soldering.

Pre-requisite: Basic Soldering or soldering experience within the
past 18 months.

The class fee is $115. All materials are included. There
is no need to bring any tools, unless you prefer to work with your own.

Scheduled class times and locations:
Saturday, May 17, 2008   
10:30 – 3:30   Norton, OH     330-294-0177

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2007 Kelsi’s Closet

A new post with a lot of pictures

Wow, it has been over a month since my last post. Things here have been so completely crazy. We find out next week if we will be staying in Ohio or moving to some other location. I am not exactly sure what I want to have happen. A big part of me really wants to stay here, but a small part of me wouldn’t mind moving to another location. Either way I know things will be just fine.

Why has it been so long since my last post you ask? Well let me tell you….

My sweet husband built this new computer for me and all is good…. sort
of. The OS he got is COMPLETELY incompatible with my camera and its
software. NOT SO GOOD! It is also incompatible with a bunch of other
things too. We are about to call it a wash and get a new OS. I am not
too happy with that as I will have to reload everything all over again.
Anyway, he was gone for 6 weeks and I couldn’t load any of my pictures.
He is home now and I have a handful of pictures to finally show you. Cheesy 

first is a pin I made with a Dichro cab that one of my students gave
me. It is so big. I haven’t ever worked this large before. I tried
using 3 of my little butane torches to get the solder to flow and still
couldn’t. And yes, I actually held all three torches. It is a bit tricky, I don’t suggest it to anyone, but it is possible. I finally took it to school and got it soldered. The pin back
is a little sloppy and could use some clean up, but it is my second
ever attempt and getting better. Wink

next pendant is actually made with the remains of another pin I am
making. I did an elaborate cut out behind another large stone and this
is the cut out piece. I bezel set a broken bead from the same student
that gave me the other glass cab.

pendant was a class demo. I was teaching a bezel setting class and had
two students that were taking it again. I told them they had to do
something more than just a simple bezel setting and showed them how to
saw a little more elaborate design. I just scribbled on the copper and
cut this out.

is a pendant I made Saturday. The workmanship isn’t that great on it,
but with a little more clean up effort in a couple of spots I think it
will be okay. Again, this is another one of the dichro cabs from my
student. *She takes such good care of me* Wink  Thanks Cheryl!

pendant is one that I did a while ago. I think I actually made it out
of scraps. Sterling silver, textured copper and a small carnelian cab.
I love this one. It is simple, contemporary and goes with everything.

last but not least, a cuff based on the design in Joanna Gollberg’s
book, Making Metal Jewelry. After seeing what others were doing with
this on a jewelry forum I participate in, and wanting to give it a try for a long time I decided to just
give it a try. I have also moved a guillotine style bench shear to the
top of my tool buying priority list. HAHA  Copper, Brass and Sterling Silver – and boy is this fun to wear. I never wear bangles, but I LOVE this one.

Comments and suggestions are completely welcomed and appreciated.