Monthly Archives: February 2008

My first real pin

This was made for an assignment in class. There is a group that asked
our class at the University of Akron to design a pin as an award they were presenting to a lady in March. I
was in the top two, but another pin was selected in the end. Bummer. Oh well. I will get this ready and list it on my site instead.

It is sterling silver and has a 7mm CZ.


Year of Jewelry 2008 – Week 4 & 5

It has been a while since I have posted any of my pieces. Now that I finally have some pictures I figured it was time to actually post them.

This first post is for my Year of Jewelry challenge. This is for week four. It is also one of my favorite pieces. It is made with sterling silver, copper and a carnelian. The copper just gives it that something extra that I really like. I am afraid the picture is not very good though. But it really is quite pretty in person. The square  back plate is 1″ x 1″.


This next piece is a really cool chain that I made after seeing something similar. I had thought about teaching it for a class, but it takes SOOOOOO long to do, so I probably won’t be teaching it any time soon.