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Year of Jewelry 2008 – Week 3

This is actually a piece that I had done previously. The theme for this week is Australian Culture. When I think of Australia, I think of the oceans and surfing and all the wild life they have, especially in the waters. This particular piece reminds me of a sting ray. It has a Blue Amazonite (as far as I know, that is what the stone is called) and it is just pretty. It is a rather large piece. probably about 2 1/2 inches tall and wide, perhaps a tad larger than that.


What is it? I don’t know!

Well, this piece is certainly something different. What is it? I have no idea, but it is fun and playful. At least I think it is. I domed a piece of 20 gauge copper, drilled 9 holes, stuck in some wires that I had balled up the ends, put in a binding ring and curled the ends. The top features some violet shell beads. The necklace is made of three strands of leather cord and has some really neat ceramic beads that I have had for a while. It is finished off by hand made coils of sterling silver and a hand made hook.

This piece reminds me of a cross between a jelly fish, octopus, and mushroom. It is full of movement and for whatever reason, I actually find it quite appealing.


Art Jewelry Magazine

In December I had submitted two of my pieces to Art Jewelry Magazine for possible publication. One piece I had submitted only as an entry to the gallery of work they showcase in each issue. The other I submitted as a project/tutorial. Well, just last week I heard back from them with their decisions. They didn’t want the piece for the gallery. They wanted me to do a project on it instead. And they also liked the second one and would like a project for that as well. I AM SO EXCITED.

So which pieces are going to be in Art Jewelry?

Winter Lily – I even made this one in copper so I could make certain I could actually recreate it.

Melissa Muir Jewelry


The second piece to be accepted is that fabulous Fine Silver chain everyone loves.

Melissa Muir Jewelry

I don’t know which issues they are going to be in yet, but I will certainly keep everyone posted here. So just watch for updates.

Also, some people have asked me lately if I could let them know when I update my Design Journal. You can actually subscribe to the Design Journal and it will shoot you an email every time I make a new post. At the bottom right, under the menus, there is a box that says subscribe. Just enter your email and you will be ready to go. Thank you to all of you that take the time to leave me comments. I really appreciate it.

A new year of Jewelry

Its a new year and I have signed up for the Year of Jewelry Challenge one more time. I grew so much last year doing the challenge, let’s hope I can grow by such leaps and bounds this year. I have a lot of great ideas, I just hope that I can actually make them come to fruition.

This is the first weeks piece with the theme of  “I can do this.” This is a style I have wanted to try for a long time. One of the other challenge members had posted several pieces such as this and I have wanted to do it ever since. This piece is made with two pieces of 18 gauge copper. Each piece has a different cut out, although I haven’t photographed the back yet. Sandwiched in between is 40 gauge copper woven with scrap book paper strips. The color is from heating the metal in my handy little toaster oven.



A year of Jewelry 2007

I thought it would be interesting to see my progress over the course of
the year. It is amazing to see the things I have done.  Obviously there are many more pieces that I have done and aren’t pictured here, but you can sure see the progress. Can you tell when I learned to bezel set a stone? Or how about when my new tools came? Can you tell when I started taking metalsmithing classes at the University of Akron? What a trip! This year is going to be GREAT!

January 2007:

February 2007:

March 2007:

April 2007:

May 2007:

June 2007:

July 2007:

August 2007:

September 2007:

October 2007:

November 2007:

December 2007:

Happy New Year – Jan & Feb 08 Class Schedule

Happy New Year Everyone.

Let’s hope
that this is a great year for all of us. I know that my new year is going to be
very busy and full of fun. I have put together a Saturday schedule of classes
for January and February. While these are the only classes scheduled to date, it
does not mean that they are the only ones available. If you have a special
request, just ask away. I would be happy to put together a class for you and
your friends.

Class information:
Classes are
currently taught in Norton/Copley and at Grand River Beads in Rocky River. We
can also put together a class at your place if you would like. Just give me a
call and we will work out the details together.

In every class, all
materials are provided unless otherwise noted. You only need bring yourself. If
you prefer to work with your own tools, you are more than welcome to bring those
as well.

Norton Location Class Deposit:
To ensure
your place in any class a $25 deposit is required. The deposit will be applied
to your class fee. It will also be refunded in full if a class is canceled or
rescheduled for any reason. The deposit will also be refunded if you withdraw
from a class with at least one weeks notice. You will receive a credit for any
cancellation with less than a weeks notice. The deposit can be paid by Cash,
Check, Visa/MasterCard or PayPal.

The classes in Norton are nearly full.
Most classes have only one spot left, so register today.

Snow Policy
North Eastern Ohio weather is never predictable and
with that comes flexibility. We will play it all by ear and decide the night
before the class as to what to do. I will send an email to those that have
scheduled a class so far asking for phone numbers so I can contact you with the
final decision. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for mild weather on Saturdays.

All classes are taught by Melissa Muir. You can see Melissa’s
work on her website
and on her Design Journal

spacer (1K)
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Introduction to Soldering
Have you wanted to take your jewelry making to the next level?
Have you wanted to create secure connections in your jewelry? Well, this class
is a great step in the right direction.

In this class you will learn the
basics of small scale table-top soldering. You don’t need a big scary torch to
make beautiful jewelry. We will discuss the basic tools needed as well as many
facets of security so you can safely create. This workshop is a pre-requisite
for other metal smithing classes. You will learn to make secure connections with
rings, pins and various findings. During the class you will finish one bracelet
including clasp.

The class fee is $100. All materials are included.
There is no need to bring any tools, unless you prefer to work with your own.

Scheduled class times and locations:
Saturday, January 12,
2008    11:00 – 4:00  Grand River Beads, Rocky River, OH    
Saturday, February 2, 2008     10:30 – 3:30   Norton, OH    

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spacer (1K)
Introduction to Bezel Setting
This workshop will instruct students on the process of
manufacturing and setting a small cabochon in a pendant.  Students will learn to
size and make a bezel, as well set a cabochon. You may bring your own stone or
glass cabochon or one will be provided as part of the materials fee. You will
finish one pendant in class.

Prerequisite: Basic soldering within the
past 18 months or soldering skills up to date. Bring a brown bag

The class fee is $105. All materials are included. There is no
need to bring any tools, unless you prefer to work with your own.

Scheduled class times and locations
Saturday, January 26,
2008   11:00 – 4:00  Grand River Beads, Rocky River, OH    
Saturday, February 16, 2008  10:30 – 3:30  Norton, OH    

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spacer (1K)
Wire Wrapped Pendants
Learn to wrap a cabochon with square and 1/2 round sterling
silver wire to make a beautiful and unique pendant. You can expect to finish at
least two pendants.

Prerequisite: There are no pre-requisites for this
class, however, you will find this class much easier if you have had the
Introduction to Working with Wire.

The class fee is $75. All materials
are included, including silver and cabochons . There is no need to bring any
tools, unless you prefer to work with your own.

Scheduled class times and locations:
Saturday, February 23,
2008  10:30 – 4:00  Norton, OH     330-294-0177

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Introduction to Working with Wire – FULL
Are you tired of just stringing beads? Perhaps you want to add
a little pizzazz to your jewelry. This class is ideal for beginners and
self-taught wire workers.

Taking this basic wire class will enable you
to get the most from the other wire classes. We will make a complete necklace
while learning to work with wire of various kinds and the correct use of hand
tools. You can expect to learn how to make jump rings, figure-8s, spirals, bead
caps, several clasps, and a variety of other components. We will discuss and
play with creative ways to use coils, bead wraps, and also learn to cage an
interesting bead or stone. You will also learn about wire types and gauges,
which is best to use for various projects, etc. Bring your beads (size 10 mm.
or larger) to class

The class fee is $65. All materials are
included. There is no need to bring any tools, unless you prefer to work with
your own.

Scheduled class times and locations:
January 19, 2008     10:30 – 3:30   Norton, OH    

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