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a few more things

Unfortunately today hasn’t been very productive. I am still working
pretty hard though. Here are a couple of things I have been working on
over the past couple of days.

A new ring: Green aventurine

Onyx earrings

More of my spiculum earrings.

Black and Silver

So I have a TON of black onyx. And I mean A TON! I bought it for my
classes. It was relatively cheap and I like the shapes I have been able
to find it in…. especially the squares. Anyway, here are some of the
pieces I have been working on.

I made this one as my class demo
a couple of weeks ago. As I was setting the stone, the bail broke off.
By then the stone was in pretty good as I was just burnishing. So I
came home, drilled a couple more holes to match the side design and
used 3 jump rings.

have been working with fold forming and shell forming in my night
class. I decided to make some spiculum earrings. I made several other
pair as well, but they don’t have the wire scrolling down them. They
actually have 3 dangles hanging from a wire that runs through them and
becomes the ear wire. I will post pictures later.

A Pendant – ala Melissa Style

2 bracelets for my solder free chain making class in 2 weeks. I still need to do the clasp for the top one.

finally, my first piece utilizing my castings. The frame of this has
been cast and I have 30 of them. I will be getting my resin tomorrow or
Wednesday and then I am going to PLAY PLAY PLAY! I figured there are
all sorts of stuff I can do with these. Everything from setting stones
as I have done here to some piercing to resin to fun designs with wire,
etc. And worse comes to worse, I will cast some and use them in my
classes. Cheesy

Lots of things going on

I have been very busy as usual. I have a show coming up next weekend. I don’t really have very high hopes as I think it is a lower end show. But hopefully I will have some luck. You just never know when the right buyer will find you.

I have been working on getting my stock ready for next weekend and the other things coming up. Here are some of the items I have been working on.

I made a couple of rings:
Melissa Muir Jewelry

Melissa Muir Jewelry
And I made a bunch of earrings:
Melissa Muir Jewelry





I have a couple of other things in the works. We did some casting in class on Monday and I have some great things that came of that. However, I am still in the clean up phase and will hopefully have something for that next week.

Rings Rings Rings

I am not a big one for rings, so this is kind of different for me. I usually wear only 2 rings at a time, one on each hand. I wear my Wedding ring and a ring that I made in my first bezel setting class. I also don’t like my rings too big. I haven’t ever really cared for wire rings, although I am starting appreciate them a lot more. I also hope that others wear wire rings as that is what I have been working on for a couple of days. They are kind of nice because I can sit down on the floor with minimal tools for my baby to get into. If I have too many things, she just causes way too much trouble. haha

Anyway, I have a number of wire wrapped rings and then a new one that I soldered tonight. The soldered one has an 8mm black onyx and 16 gauge wire. I am wearing it right now and I can barely tell that it is there. It is light, minimal and fits really well. It is still a little different and I like that a lot.

The first two are simple rosette rings. The third ring is a square Sodalite bead. The heart wire ring is one I found in one of my magazines. They are really difficult to make. I made two in 16 gauge wire and it was so difficult. I finally tried one in 18 gauge and while it was a tad easier, I may not do too many of them.



The first two rings are amethyst beads. I don’t care for the first one and may cut off the outter beads. They just don’t fit the ring well, and it doesn’t look at all like the picture this one is based on. The third ring is an Opalite (glass) bead. The last one is my favorite of the bunch… and what do you know? It fits me perfectly.



I finally made some jewelry.

I don’t actually recall when I have been this busy before. I am literally hopping from one thing to the next right now. It has been absolutely crazy. The online forums that I normally post on have been neglected and I have have been receiving e-mails from some of my online friends wondering if I am still alive. Yes, I am, but only just.  HAHA

Last weekend I had a great basic soldering class at Grand River Beads. My students were a lot of fun, caught on quickly and we had a great time eating chocolate and getting to know one another. *Waves hello to Carla, Anita and Linda*

Last week in class we did our first casting. That was a lot of fun. I spent most of today getting ready for another round of casting on Monday. I will be sure to post pictures of my finished pieces….when I have finished them.

I feel as thought I haven’t actually made any jewelry in ages. I have made a few more rings and would like to make even more before my show on the 3rd of November, but we will have to see how things go. Last night I was lucky enough to hand my kids over to my husband and actually work on, and finish, a couple of new pieces.

Both pendants have a 14mm Black Onyx Square bezel set stone. The first one is 1″ wide and just a hair over an inch from the top of the bail to the bottom tip of the pendant. The second one is quite a bit larger, but oh so pretty. It is 3 inches long and made from hand forged (hammered) 14 gauge Sterling silver wire. This one took a bit of time, and while I was hammering, of course, I woke up the baby. Darn it. The second pendant actually looks pretty good in either direction, so I guess it could be reversible. I wore it today and got a lot of comments from the instructors and other students.

Melissa Muir Jewelry

Melissa Muir Jewelry
Okay, on to the next task…. I am going to bed. FINALLY! Good Night all.

The Vessel Has Been Raised

Well, I finally finished the piece for my Advanced Metals course. The project was to start with a 4″ square of 14 gauge Copper. We were to cut a 4″ circle from that and stretch it until it was about 18 gauge and around 6 1/2″. Talk about a very painful process. We stretched everything with a hammer. Once we got it to 18 gauge or 6 1/2″ we then began working on stakes to form the vessel. Again, a very painful process.

We were also given the assignment to create a base for our vessel, but it was not to be attached. Some people ask why we didn’t just start with larger and thinner piece of metal. I guess the answer would be, so we could learn how to stretch with a hammer. Sometimes you just have to do the hard and painful work to appreciate the art.

My idea was to create the vessel and have the base look like vines climing around it, as though it had been left in a field or something.

Finished product – Let’s hope I get an A!