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Sold off my Neck

It hasn’t happened before, but I sure hope it happens again. I was at the pool today while Riley attended her swimming lessons. She has a friend in the lessons with her. Her mother and I were at the swing set with Kate and I was wearing one of the pieces that have received the most comments. She asked how much it was, how it was made and the deal was done. So sorry to those of you who really liked it, but next time, hopefully you will be a little quicker. hahaha Here is a picture of the piece.

Melissa Muir Jewelry
Here are a couple of pictures of my flying baby Kate.



This is one of the pieces for my Year of Jewelry challenge that I participate in. The theme this week was Waterfalls. I have these fabulous stones that look like you could just jump in and go swimming. I thought it was rather appropriate to use one of them.


This is a pendant that I made several months ago. I really liked the concept of this one, but I am not sure yet if I will put it out for sale. I guess if someone likes it enough, I will.  It is made with a black square bead with a matte finish.


Back on the internet again

For the last week and a half we have been without the internet. It has not been a fun week and a half. Anyway, I did get a few new things made.

I made my first hollow bead. Right now, it is just a hollow thing as I haven’t yet drilled a hole in it. But for never having any instruction or seeing it done, I think it turned out quite nicely.

This is my first bangle. It is called Dynamic Tension, for the small amount of asymmetry in it.


A copper and silver cold connection necklace



And finally a black onyx and sterling silver necklace. All the black stones in this are black onyx, including the square.



One new and a few in the process

I have been working on a few other things this week. I did my very first ever PMC items. I haven’t decided how to use them yet, but I am sure an idea will come to me soon. I found some of these little tiny feet stamps at the craft store last week and I thought they would be perfect for use in my memorial jewelry line. Since I just wanted to get a feel for working with the PMC I thought I would give them a try.


This next piece has been sitting on my bench for a few weeks now. I haven’t decided exactly what I am going to do with it, but I am sure I am getting close. hahaha

I was playing around with a couple of things last night and decided to reticulate this piece. Then this morning when I was applying the patina to the PMC charms, I dunked this into the LOS along with it. I LOVE the patina this picked up. It will be fun to see what this one actually becomes.


And finally, a finished pendant. This looks a lot like one that I had done before except the base for this is round and the other was a square. This one also received a dunk in the LOS.

Stuff for Kids

Riley and I had some fun over the weekend. We were trying out projects that might be good for kids. Here is what we came up with.

Princess Wands (Both, Mine, Riley’s… in that order)




Then she made a princess crown/tiara. The colors aren’t the best, but it is what I had at the moment.


Princess bracelet with pearls and seed beads.


Little bead people… Well, little bead dude. I haven’t finished the bead lady or bead baby yet.



Riley and I have decided to try out a few new things. Etching is one of those new things. We both sat down last night, drew some designs on copper and here we are.

This is the one that Riley did. Such a little artist. Hehehe, Not too shabby for a 7-year-old.

Here are my first pieces, the second one is based on a logo for Birth Source ( It is a prototype for what may come.
first_etch Birth_source_prototype

Golden Agates

Here are a couple of pendants that I made up tonight. A friend of mine suggested that she liked the first golden angel that I had made. It sold within a couple of hours posting it. So I decided I would make another.

The first pendant is one that was supposed to be an angel, but as it sometimes happens, this stone and pendant wanted to be something other than an angel. It is reversable and turned out quite feminine and pretty. The Agate has a lot of pinks and browns.


Here is the pendant that did want to be an angel. It is made with Gold Filled wire, just as the one above, only this one is with half hard wire. I will have to work with that temper a little more and get used to it. The wires just didn’t want to work with me the way I am used to. Again the pendant is reversable. These agates are just so pretty on both sides that I didn’t know which to have be the front.

Golden_angel_side1_zm golden_angel_side2_350

First pendant for the month of June

This pendant was made for a friend of mine at the Pre-eclampsia foundation. It is a beautiful 19 carat Rainbow Moonstone in the shape of a tear drop. This stone just shimmers. It is so pretty. I was half hoping that my friend wouldn’t like it so I could give it a home myself.

She indicated that she would like a stone that was somewhat transparent and iridescent. I think we found exactly the right stone for her. She also said that she likes some of my more flowing designs. This one reminds me of the way that ivy vines wrap themselves around different objects. I wish I could get my photography to show how pretty this pendant really is. I think it is an absolutely stunning piece. I really hope my friend enjoys this necklace. I did absolutely nothing to enhance the glow you see in the stone. The camera did not capture the rest of glow however.


My final post for the month

Well, the end of the month is here. I can’t believe how much I have made this month, not money, but jewelry. I haven’t made much of anything this month. Hopefully next month will be better.

I did want to say thank you to all of you that have been commenting on my items here on this blog. I really appreciate the fact that you are looking and that you do take the time to comment.

Here is the rest of the set for the beach.




Here are a few other things I have worked on. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome and even encouraged.