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Even more new things to get ready

Here are a few more things that I have just finished up. I have been trying to get pictures of everything and work on my set up. I am starting to get very nervous, particularly as I start figuring out the prices for my items. I hope I have a few takers. Wish me luck.

Melissa Muir Jewelry
This is the piece that is being donated to the Pre-eclampsia foundation Walk-a-thon silent auction. Just the necklace is being donated. If the buyer would really like a full set, they can purchase the matching earrings and bracelet from me. It really is a very stunning set.



fw_prl_wrap_dangle_w175 multi_color_pearl_drop

peacock_pearl_drops2 Patriotic2_175 Victorian_175

violet_fw_pearls_erng_175 picture_jasper_175 cranberry_grey_prl_175

On the Beach

This weeks theme for the Year of Jewelry challenge is “Beach Scene” or “Coral Reef.” I have been working on this pendant for several nights. It spent 3 nights in the “Naughty” pile. It was really frustrating.

The main part of the pendant is a cold connection piece and is actually rather neat if I don’t say so myself. It is made with two silver sheets with a 1″ disc cut out of the center. Sandwiched in between the silver is a copper mesh sheet. The pendant is then cold connected with four tube rivets.

The rest of the necklace is made with sterling silver and copper. The beads used in this piece are glass, sterling silver, copper and ceramic covered in fine silver and copper.

This necklace is really different from the other things that I have done in the past. When I looked at the colors it reminds me of the ocean and beach. This was a fun piece to make.

As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome.






1000 Jewelry Details

A while back there was a call for entries for a new book that is being created. The book is called 1000 Jewelry Details. I wasn’t going to submit anything, but then decided, What the Heck. I am so glad that I did because one of my pieces was selected. I don’t get any thing from this, monetary wise, but I will at least get some exposure which I am very excited about.

Here are the pieces I submitted:




And this is the pair that was selected:



This is the latest piece for my Year of Jewelry challenge. The theme this week was “By The Pond.” I thought this piece looked like it was full of bubbles. It was actually fairly difficult to get put together. I had some real issues with the soldering.  But it is finally done. ;D


Getting things ready

I am preparing for the Pre-eclampsia Foundation Walk-a-thon that is coming up on June 2nd. They have asked that I set up a table with my jewelry. I have been working as fast as possible with a clingy 9 month old. I have also had a couple of custom orders come up so I have been doing those as well. Here are a few of my new items.

A simple choker with Fine silver bail, Sterling silver extender chain and fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals.


My angels have been fairly popular and while I was making a few the other night I noticed a couple of them looked a little like butterflies. I thought it would be neat to also make a few butterflies. Here is one of them.


This is a very simple pair of earrings made with sterling silver wire and Swarovski crystals. I also hand made the ear wires with 19 ga sterling wire. These are very light and actually quite stunning.


A pretty Fluorite Angel

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a bitter sweet day for many of
the women I work with as a grief and loss moderator on the Pre-eclampsia Foundation website. It is
a day that we celebrate bringing life into this world and becoming a mother.
Sadly, there are many of us that have created life that never got to live in
this world or lived only a short time.  This piece was created and
designed very carefully. I had found this beautiful Rose Quartz at a gem show
not too long ago. I have always been drawn to the tear drop shape, but I knew
exactly what I wanted to use this one for and here it is.

Interestingly, Rose Quartz is a “Love” stone. According to the Crystal
by Judy Hall, it is “the stone of unconditional love and
infinite peace…and  [brings] deep inner healing.” She goes on to
say, “If you have loved and lost it, it comforts your grief.” Rose
quartz is also said to increase fertility.

The design of the pendant represent a couple of things for me. First, there are
the multiple tears and second, there is the shape of a pregnant belly or motherly