Monthly Archives: April 2007

A slow week at my place

We had friends come in from Virginia that week. I had been working hard to get things done around the house and Kate has been more clingy than ever. So I got about 5 or 6 new angels made up and one pendant.

Here are three of the angels I did this week. I was playing around with them trying to come up with a little different style. They almost look like butterflies. I would like to add some butterflies to my work, but haven’t quite figured out how to make the bail yet. I will have to keep working on that.


Here is a new pendant that took me about 3 days to finish and get right. Even then I had to do some re-working with it as I melted some of the spirals trying to get the copper backing attached. In the end, I am pretty pleased with how this piece turned out. It has some nice weight to it and is very feminine.





Adventures in LOS

I didn’t get much done this week in regards to making jewelry. A teething 8 month old is never a fun thing to deal with. So the one thing I did make was a bracelet for my YOJ piece.

I took 24 ga Sterling sheet, cut it up into 3/4″ x 1/2″ pieces, reticulated it, drilled holes, placed jump rings and soldered them closed. I stretched the jump rings a little so they were ovals and attached a very simple crook neck hook. Once I had the pieces all together and pickled, the entire bracelet took the plunge in the stinky Liver of Sulfur mixture. I buffed it a bit with steel wool and tumbled the piece for about 45 minutes.

It makes the coolest tingly sound and is VERY light weight. I can barely tell that I am wearing it.


I also dunked my piece from last week in the LOS solution.
Before LOS:


After LOS:


I think I will try to remove a little more of the LOS in the copper center. I just have to figure out how to do it first. HAHAHA Overall, I do like the effect of the LOS on this particular piece.

One more leap

I’ve never tried the Liver Of Sulfur (LOS) treatment on my work. I have had my little can of LOS for quite some time now. I was working on this piece and it didn’t go quite as planned and I figure I had nothing more to loose and the silver took the dunk in the stinky solution. Here is the result. I really like how this one turned out.


A few more new things for this past week.

I am still getting used to trying out new techniques. I have so much to learn.

This first piece is a necklace that I was asked to make for a family member. I think it turned out rather pretty. The stones show up more green than they really are. They are a tad more pastel than what the picture shows. I didn’t come up with the design, it is based off of a picture.

It is made with Fresh Water Pearls and faceted glass.


This next piece is an angel for my friend Candace. The picture isn’t very good, but the angel is just down right pretty. She is made with a Fluorite bead and sterling silver.


This next one is my very first attempt at Reticulation, a process used to texture silver. It was a lot of fun and I will try this again. I got a little carried away and you can see that I began to melt the silver. It still has a pretty cool effect.


This last one didn’t turn out how I wanted it to at all. The silver has a disc shaped cut out of it. The copper dome actually sits through the disc shape, it is pretty cool. The silver dome can also be seen from behind in a hole in the copper. The bail has been attached with silver wire rivets.



As always, Comments and suggestions are welcome.

New Tools are so much fun.

Well, I had a little bit of time at my bench again. I am still very slow and not very good at some of this stuff. I know that I will only get better with practice. I just wish I knew all the little trick and tips. I am sure I will learn them eventually. I’ve already learned quite a bit just working on the next two pieces.

The first one is a sterling silver back plate with a domed copper disc. Set inside of that is a bezel set Onyx. I really like the look and feel of this one. I am afraid I didn’t do good of a job with this one. The solder doesn’t look so good under the dome. Also the angle of the picture is a little off. It is slightly more balanced on the bottom than how it looks here. However, it really is slightly off. When I was firing and the flux got all bubbly, it moved the disc a bit. DANG IT!


This next one was a REAL PAIN to make. But I like the end result. I believe this is a Unakite, but I am not sure. The colors are more muted than my other Unakite stones.


This is another small wire wrapped pendant I did a short while ago. I just kept forgetting to photograph it. I called it “Wind on Fire”


As always, comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Let’s bring on the spring!

I received most of my new tools in the past two weeks. I have been having a fun time playing around and seeing what I can do. Here are my latest creations. Most of them were created last night between the hours of 6:00 pm and 4:00 am – YIKES! I am pretty happy with how most of them turned out. I think I am getting worse and worse with my wire wrapping skills though. I need to work more on that area I guess.

Well, here are my creations. Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My week 14 YOJ piece titled April Showers


My first attempt at a bezel setting (while alone and without anyone helping me)



My first attempt at tube riveting


A fun piece of Copper and Sterling Silver


A little larger


And finally, a Fluorite Angel