Monthly Archives: January 2007

The Angel’s Sister

Yesterday I made another angel. I really liked the first one in purple,
but wanted to try one just slightly smaller. The Purple angel is just
over 3 inches long. This new one is only 2 1/2″ long. I may decide to
dontate this one as well. I haven’t quite decided on that yet.

This second angel is made with a crackle glass bead for the head, sterling
beads and glass pearls for the dress. Again the silver used is either
sterling or fine.


Take Flight

I have been so un-inspired this last week and a
half. I have sat down several times in my studio to come up with
something for the week three Year of Jewelry challenge. The theme of
this week was Take Flight. I finally came up with something. My
inspiration was my sweet Angel Kelsi.

For those of you who
don’t know, Kelsi is my second daughter. She was born 16 weeks early
due to me having severe Pre-eclampsia. She lived a very short life and passed away in my hands just 2 1/2 short days after birth. You can read more about Kelsi on her website.

You can find out more about
pre-eclampsia at the Pre-eclampsia Foundation.

This angel is made with Sterling and Fine silver wire, sterling silver beads, glass beads and a large amythest bead for the head.


I have a very strong feeling that this angel is for someone else. I am going to DC next weekend for a class that I am taking and will be stopping by the hospital to see my wonderful doctors and nurses. I will be leaving it for a mother of an angel.

Kisses In The Mist

This is the week 2 piece called Kisses in the mist. I really like this piece. When I was trying to think of a color scheme for it, I kept thinking of the mornings here in Ohio where the mist is a really light shade of gray. We have a large field behind our home and my studio looks out to that field. The mist just hangs there in the mornings, it is really kind of neat. Here is a picture looking out of my studio.



Here are the pieces that I designed. I thought that if we were to have kisses in the mist they would be light and subtle, so I used Rose Quartz beads surrounded by Rutilated Quartz. The chain is hand made using square wire formed into a pretty “S” link. The pendant design took several hours just to get it right. I used 18ga Round wire for that. I really like the look, but I don’t know that I am going to attempt it again any time soon.





Morning Zephyr Pieces

Well, I finally got some pictures taken today of the pieces I was working on for the Year Of Jewelry challenges. I really like the way the earrings turned out, but I am not quite so certain I like the pendant. I would like to come up with a nice chain for it. I just haven’t decided what I want to use yet.

Here is the pendant, I need to take a better picture of it, but it gives you and idea.

The Design Journal has been born

I thought this would be a good way for me to keep track of my progress over the year. I would like to post a new piece at least each week. We will see how that works. Hopefully I will have time for this in addition to making the jewelry and keeping up with the kids.

In the meantime, Welcome to Kelsi’s Closet Jewelbox Design BLOG.