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So many things have happened in my life and it is amazing to look back and see how little decisions and actions make the biggest things happen. I am constantly amazed at the amazing fortune I always seem to find myself in. Yes, there are trials, but for each of those trials, I seem to receive 10x the blessings along with them.

4 1/2 years ago my family moved to Akron, OH so my husband could complete his post-graduate training. When we moved to Ohio I knew very little about making jewelry, didn’t know a soul here and my life had just taken drastic changes in direction. I had gone from having a very lucrative career as a computer professional to being a stay-at-home-mom with a 6 year old and 10 week old baby. I had the worlds worst pliers (though I had no idea at the time) and some wire and had taken 3 intro to jewelry making classes. I quickly found out that I was absolutely NO GOOD at being a stay-at-home-mom. My husband jokes that it only took a week. And who knows, perhaps that is all it took for this social butterfly to realize she needed people!

I worked out of books, asked questions on forums online and played and played and played as I developed new skills. I fell in love with jewelry making and apparently, I had quite a talent for it that I was never aware of. I had been a professional computer trainer for 10 years and anyone that has taken my classes can attest that my true talent lies in teaching. I missed teaching. So that first fall, I had the opportunity to begin teaching. Instead of saying “type this code here” or “move the mouse and click there,” I said “hold your pliers like this” and “tilt your torch up just a little bit more.” I was back in my element and it was HEAVEN!!!!

As my classes picked up and I met more and more people here in Ohio, I found a common desire among my students and friends. They (we) all wanted a way to network, find others with a like mind in the jewelry and metal arts. I had an idea to create a group or guild for that very purpose.

On February 28, 2009, a group of about 25 people met at the Norton, Ohio Library where I pitched my idea and asked if anyone would be interested. I proposed that we hold a monthly meeting where we would have a special topic and demonstration of some sort. Well, people liked it.

This past Saturday we held our 2nd Anniversary meeting. It was so much fun. It was really neat to see the faces of people I had met for the first time 2 years ago.

As you all know by now, I am moving to Dallas, Texas in May. Just 9 short weeks from now. It doesn’t seem possible. My crazy pregnancy provided the perfect opportunity to pass the reigns of leadership to the other members of the Executive Committee of the guild. And as a way to say “thank you” and “good bye” a few of the members of the guild presented me with the most touching gift. They each made a charm and presented them to me at the meeting. The meaning and sentiment behind this still gives me chills when i look at it.


I have worn charm bracelets a few times, but never regularly. But this one I LOVE to wear. I love looking at the charms. I can tell by looking at them who made each of them. I know the members styles and it is such an honor to receive a piece from each of them. This is certainly one gift that will always be cherished. It has been an amazing 2 years getting this group up and running. They all ask if I will do this again in Dallas. For now, the answer is no. There will be too much work to do with a new baby, getting settled into a new life in a new area. I am told there are actually several guilds in the Dallas area and I am really hoping that there is a group that I can join that will fill my need to be among other artists.

In other news, as I mentioned, I am moving in 9 weeks. I am putting out the last call for requests for classes now. If there is something that you would like to take with me, please let me know now. I will do my best to get as many classes as possible in. But I would like to make certain to schedule the ones that people want. Just let me know which class you would like and which dates work best for you and let’s get these classes in here.

2 thoughts on “2 Years – Ohio JMAG

  1. Cindy Palance

    You sure do things in a big way. You sure you want to move to Dallas, how about Houston instead. I always wished I could take classes from you, at least you are getting closer. When you get settled I hope you keep us all posted on what you are up to. Good Luck and may God be with you.

  2. Melissa Muir

    Thank you Cindy.

    You know, Houston isn’t all that far from Dallas. You should make a trip up, or we can get some classes organized and I can make a trip down to visit with you.

    And if you aren’t going to do things in a big way, are they worth doing?



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